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Welcome To My Home Page

I collect used stamps and am always looking for someone to trade with. I mainly collect stamps from USA, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Mexico, and Iran and British Machins. However, I am interested in many other countries. I generally trade one for one (1:1) at random or by using a want list. I use Scott catalogues but can usually work with a descriptive want list if your's consists of Michel numbers or another system.

If you would prefer that I send you a want-list by e-mail please let me know.  I have all lists (and more) in Micorsoft Word format.


Want List Updates

USA 6/20/07
Germany 11/29/05
Croatia 6/20/07
Slovenia 4/25/05


1. I will generally trade one for one, not by catalogue value. I hate sending 50 common stamps just to get 3 or 4 good ones. If I do this it uses up all of my trading stock. If you would like to sell me the better stamps perhaps we can make some sort of deal.

2. If you want to send first that is fine. If you want me to send first, then so be it. We can even send at the same time. All I expect is a fair trade. I exchange stamps for fun and would not like to get into a dispute regarding trust.

3. If you do not receive your stamps after a few weeks the world will not end. I work full-time as a probation officer and I also have much work to do at home with the yard, gardens, etc. Trust me, you will get your stamps. I try to send back with in a week, but sometimes it might take a few weeks.

4. Please do not send the same material each time you send something. Chances are if you sent it the first time I still have it.

5. If you want to send me souveiner sheets, mint sets, and anything else other than a used stamp that is fine with me, but do not expect me to send the same unless it has been arranged. Surprises are nice but I can not afford to send the same.

6. Do not send damaged stamps. I am not one to turn down a stamp if a perf is missing, but I do not accept stamps that are creased, torn, or have thins. If your stamps look like they were thrown in the dirt and stepped on then please throw them in the garbage where they belong!
Also, I do not collect any stamps that are CTO (Canceled-To-Order). I will not send them to you so please don't send them to me.

7. If you would like to send stamps and receive something else just let me know and we can make a deal. I can send US coins, baseball cards, etc. but not phone cards so please don't ask.

8. I normally do not have mint stamps to send in return.  The stamps I send will be in used condition.  Some may have hinge remnants or light pencil marks on the back to indicate catalogue number, but most do not.  I will send the best I have available.  Please do not ask that I send only those that have round post marks.  Post marks may be wavy, blurry, on one corner, or not there at all.  I can not control how the postal system cancels stamps, so I have learned to deal with it.

9. Do not expect me to return or buy any envelope that you mail me.  Any envelope I receive will be added to my collection- period.  I do not expect others to return the envelopes I used, so I expect the same consideration.  I also try to use recent commemorative stamps on the cover and expect the same.  Please do not use metered labels.

10. I will NOT use registered mail to send a letter due to it being very expensive. 

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